Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

3D scanning and measuring


Dep. of Design Engineering and Robotics

Blvd. Muncii no. 103-105

Postal code:400641

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Research team

- Prof.dr.eng. Popescu Sorin

- Prof.dr.eng. Popescu Daniela

- Assoc. Prof.dr.eng. Calin Neamtu

- Assoc. Prof.dr.eng. Mihai Dragomir

- Lect.dr.eng. Grigore Marian Pop

- Lect.dr.eng. Radu Comes

- Lect.dr.eng. Stefan Bodi

Our research infrastructure

Our research infrastructure has the following equipment:

We offer the following services:

- 3D measurements

- 3D scanning

- Roughness measurements

- Reverse engineering

- Structured laser scanning

- Terestrial laser scanning

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Our most recent research projects


Multi-disciplinary assessment of the imperial gates from the churches of the fifteenth century - XIX in order to preserve and restore them using traditional and digital methods to ensure their community viability


When ancient everyday life becomes UNESCO heritage. The scanning, digital reconstruction and contextualization of Dacian artefacts from Orastie Mountains


Blended Learning course on Measurement Uncertainty for advanced vocational training

Contact person

Assoc. Prof. Eng. Calin Neamtu PhD.

Dep. of Design Engineering and Robotics

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


Phone: +40 740 258 225

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